Please read the below information before registering!


Please enter your NABP number in the “License” field. This information is required for you to receive credit for the conference. Do NOT enter your License number.

Please note that you will be required to fill out and turn in attendance form at the conference and complete the online evaluations following the conference. If you do not turn in this form and complete the online evaluation by September 16, 2020, we will be unable to offer you credit for the course.

Nurse Practitioners

When you register, please select the registration option that corresponds with the type of credit you wish to receive ( i.e. CME Credit or Nursing Credit)

Registration Fees

Early Registration Fee ends May 18, 202 Late Registration Fee Begins May 19, 2020
Physician $555 $595
Other Health Care Professional – Nursing $350 $390
Other Health Care Professional – Pharmacy $350 $390
Trainee $215 $245
Non Credit Seeking $250 $250


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