What Past Participants Said

Past Participant Comments 2018

The below are anonymous comments provided by participants when they filled out our program evaluation.

“I love learning from these experts in cardiology, EP, and heart failure. I absolutely feel the material presented is relevant and up-to-date and I always leave learning things that improve my practice.”

“Speakers are very knowledgeable in their respective topics.”

“I love the fact that this conference is not huge, the interaction with and between the speakers, the panel discussions and the family friendly scheduling are what make this conference a gem.”

“The content, hours, location were excellent.”

“First time I have attended and amazed by all the exceptional key note speakers! ALL the aficionados! very IMPRESSIVE! Equal or better than HFSA I have attended! Impeccably organized!”

“This program covers many areas. I enjoyed it and it was a learning experience working in the cardiology specialty”

“Information presented and the speakers were excellent!”

“Overall, the conference was great. I learned so much and am looking forward to incorporating this in my practice!”

“Hearing continual recap of the research was nice. Provided in short simple amounts that related to topics at hand. Enjoyed hearing about the research outcome “failures” as well, it is humbling but we need to be aware of what is found to work and what hasn’t and maybe why.”

“Very well put together. Good topics. Entertaining at times, yet very informative.”

“All speakers were excellent and experts in the evaluation and treatment of heart failure.”


Past Participant Comments 2017

The below are anonymous comments provided by participants when they filled out our program evaluation.

“The course was outstanding – very interesting, informative, and up-to-date.”

“Loved the panel discussions.”

“It was amazing!”

“All important topics in heart failure were covered.”

“I thought the content was interesting and informative.”

“This was a very good program.”

“Great discussion on Sunday with audience participation.”

“Great speakers- top in their field.”

“It’s a wonderful conference!”

“Loved the way the program is divided out by topics”

“Always love attending!”

“It was a good getaway for me and my family too.”


92% of attendees said that they would consider attending the conference again in the future.